Five Star Montauk Grilled Swordfish

Five Star Montauk Grilled Swordfish





  • 2 Tbsn of Mezcal Habanero Glazing Butter
  • 1 lb. Swordfish Steak 
  • Fresh Limes or Lime Juice


  • Cilantro


To see the video on how top grill Swordfish please visit our You Tube page.

This is a simple recipe for Five Star MTK Glazing Butter.  Of course, you can use either of our two Glazing Butters for your fish.  The prep time really is preference.  If you want to apply the sauce to the steak and let it stand, then you would wrap it in foil and let sit out for 5-15 minutes, each of which is personal preference. I like the ease of just applying and cooking.  I would love to read your comments here or on the Instagram page @FiveStarMTK.  If you use the Scotch Chipotle then you would use lemon juice and Parsley or Tarragon as they are more suitable for the flavor profile of the Scotch Chipotle.  This is very easy to do and adds a complex and flavorful result without overpowering the fish.  These sauces are designed to let each type of seafood show through the Glazing Butter and add its own unique flavor to the finished dish.



            For Presentation: Make sure to use a grilling matte if you don't have flat grilling surfaces.  Even seasoned grill grates that have a curved surface don't allow you to take the steaks off the grill cleanly.  (see the You Tube video link inserted above in the introduction.) You can also use a pan and sear in the grill as long as you don't have plastic handles on your cookware.

  1. Start Charcoal grill, preheat gas grill.
  2. Brush the Mezcal Habanero Glazing Butter on the steak on one side only.  You can always brush more Glazing Butter in as the steak cooks, especially on the grill so you don't need to put a full Tablespoon on the one side right away.  For preparation and letting it stand apply half of the sauce to the steak on both sides and wrap in aluminum foil.  Let this stand at room temperature for 5 to 15 minutes.
  3. Place steak on the grill. The grill should be preheated and you want to place on a hot section to sear the surface and get an initial crust on the steak.
  4. After 3-5 minutes you can turn the steak. Each grill will have varying heat, especially charcoal.  The key is to watch when the side of the steak is opaque about a third up the outside edge. and then turn.  You can always slice later to check if it is cooked to your level of expectation.
  5. Basting as desired and Citrus as needed.  Basting: You can add sauce while the steak is cooking to your personal palate.  I find in general that a 1 lb steak is two servings and two tablespoons serve the dish well.  For more heat you can add more sauce towards the end.  Cooling: During cooking you can squeeze or spray the surface of the steak with fresh lime juice.  If the steak is fresh the citrus would serve more to cool the surface and add some flavor.  If the fish is older or has a "fishy" aroma which is not bad but may be undesirable then the citrus cleanses the flavor.  
  6. After 3-5 minutes remove from the grill. When you see the entire side of the steak become opaque this is when you would start to consider removing the steak.  You will see what cannot be explained in words over time as you experiment with this recipe.
  7. Serve. Use the Cilantro chopped and sprinkle over the steaks.  You can also slice some fresh limes and lay them out in a radius along the edge.
  8. Option: For those who like dipping you can blend some lime juice (1 tspn) and Mezcal Habanero Glazing Butter (3 Tbsp), and coconut milk or vegetable stock (1 Tbsp) and heat slightly. (either on the stove or in a microwave on medium for 30 seconds) This will offer additional flavor for those who want it.
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