Linguine and lobster with Parmesan cheese, Tarragon, Lemon Juice, and Five Star Glazing Butter

Five Star Lobster Tarragon: Méarnaise





  • 4 LOBSTER TAILS (4 oz each)
  • 8 Tbsp. Five Star: Scotch Chipotle Glazing Butter
  • 4 Tbsp. Parmesan Cheese
  • 4 Tbsp. Lemon Juice
  • 2 Tbsp. Tarragon
  • 1 Lb. Linguine Pasta


  • Fresh Tarragon


To see the video on how to prepare this succulent dish please visit our You Tube page.  Please note that the video shows 2 servings, this recipe if for 4 servings

This is a simple recipe with an amazing amount of flavor. Crustaculicious! Lobster tails are available today everywhere and they are not that expensive either compared to a few years ago.  A four-ounce tail, which is about the size we are using here ranges from $7.00 to $12.00 each depending on the season.  The meat is easily removed from the shell raw when defrosted.  The video shows this as a serving for two, so. keep that in mind when choosing a pan size.  Also, a quarter serving of a full pound of pasta may be too much for some people.  If you cook it all you may want to hold back some pasta and not waste the sauce!  Please send us emails with pictures at or post on our social media.  Thank you and don't forget to garnish!



  1. Take the lobster out of the shell. Take a knife and split the tail in half lengthwise. Cut the tail at the bottom near the fins to free the meat from the bottom connection.  Pull the meat out of each half, and dice into bite size pieces.
  2. Rinse, dry and chop the Tarragon. Do not finely chop but leave it coarse, about 1/8".
  3. Put pasta in 6 cups of boiling water. I don't have this listed in the ingredient list, but I ALWAYS add a 1/2 Tsp. salt and 2 Tbsp. of Olive Oil to my water. Make sure to bend, don't break the pasta.  I learned from a long line of Italian friends, Italian friend's families and Italian cooks that would string me up if I did not make that notation.  Also, make sure to stir the pasta around for the first two minutes so that it does not stick together.
  4. In a separate pan add 4 Tbsp. Five Star Scotch Chipotle Glazing Butter with the Lobster on medium heat. You want to cook the lobster slowly and slightly glaze with the Glazing Butter.  You may add Lemon juice to deglaze and if it is cooking too fast then you can lower the heat. 
  5. Mix 4 Tbsp. FS SC Glazing Butter with Parmesan cheese and 2 Tbsp. lemon juice. Use a separate bowl to make sure everything is evenly mixed.
  6. Drain your pasta well and add it to the lobster in the pan. Depending on your preference and the type of pasta, the pasta should be done in 8-12 minutes. Make sure to save some pasta water to thin the sauce as it thickens especially if you add an egg.  See Options Below.
  7. Add your Five Star Mixture.  Quickly add the mixture to the pasta and fold the mixture into the pasta completely incorporating the sauce evenly throughout the pasta.
  8. Serve. Use things to remove portions of pasta from the pan and swirl the pasta into a circular mound.  Plate all the pasta then distribute the lobster pieces evenly on each plate.
  9. OPTION: For those that want to add another level to this culinary delight, you can easily turn this into a Carbonara interpretation. You just whisk in 1 egg into the Parmesan and Five Star mixture before you incorporate it.  This is where the pasta water is critical to thin the sauce which becomes thick and very savory.

    Bon Appetit!

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