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Come see us at the Fancy Food Show at Jacob Javitz in NYC!

We are thrilled to be a part of the Fancy Food Show in NYC June 25-27, 2023.  We will be exhibiting in the Incubator Village with Rutgers Food Innovation Lab and will be providing tastings of our sauces on shrimp and vegetables.  We are excited to meet new retailers and look forward to getting feedback on our products. 

It has been about 25 years since I started developing the original sauce, Scotch Chipotle Glazing Butter.  We worked with Rutgers Food Innovation Lab for nearly two years tirelessly going through the marketing and research data, developing the sauce for a broader market, and finally putting it in a jar.  Through this process we created Mezcal Habanero in a single effort, proving the category and the architecture of the sauce.  This product line will have many additions and we are looking forward to introducing the flagship flavors at the Fancy Food Show!

Thank you for everyone who saw the potential, pushed, helped and were instrumental in making this a reality.  Especially,  Jeff Pauska, Jeffrey Kudrick, Mady Kudrick, numerous friends and family and of course, my beautiful wife, Gina Kudrick.  

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